Getting There

La Mesa Oktoberfest is located at 8401 La Mesa Blvd in La Mesa, California.

We highly encourage the use of public transportation to the La Mesa Oktoberfest as parking will be limited.

How to get there

 Take the MTS Orange Line Trolley to La Mesa Boulevard Station. Trains run every 15 minutes throughout the event.

Plan ahead

Buy your transit passes ahead of time through the MTS Compass Cloud App


Park-and-Ride stations are located along the Trolley lines.

Close by Park-and-Ride locations: El Cajon Transit Center (352 S. Marshall, El Cajon – 469 spaces, 10 minutes to Oktoberfest) Amaya Drive Trolley Station (9100 Amaya Drive, La Mesa – 236 spaces, 5 minutes to Oktoberfest) Grossmont Transit Center (8601 Fletcher Parkway – 220 spaces, 3 minutes to Oktoberfest) Spring Street Trolley Station (4250 Spring Street – 324 spaces, 3 minutes to Oktoberfest)”

Weekend Events

Traditional Oktoberfest Fun for all ages