Glücklich Games


Glücklich Games

Pro-TF-Fitness la mesa oktoberfest 2017 san diego

Join in on some competitive fun at the 2nd Annual Glucklich Games hosted by Pro-TF Fitness!

Registration at 3rd & La Mesa Boulevard

  • Individual Entry – $5
  • Team/partner Entry – $10

Games begin at 4:30PM Friday, 11AM Saturday and 11AM Sunday

Prizes Include

  • · ProTF Shirts
  • · Wristbands
  • · 4 Weeks of Group Training at $200 value
  • · Protein Powder
  • · ProTF Towels
  • · Hear Rate Monitors
  • · Personal Sessions
  • · Coupons Toward Gym Membership

Game Roster

  • Tug’O’War

    Each team takes to a side of the rope!

  • Beer Stein Race

    contestants race down the street through a mini obstacle course holding full steins.  They run from end to end multiple times grab new steins and carrying to the measuring bucket at the end. The winner is the fastest to fill there bucket with liquid.

  • Partner Carrying Race

    Throw your partner over your shoulder and race through the custom course!

  • Tipsy Waiter

  • One on one, players pick up bat and spin around on a bat 4 times, then pick up a tray of water glasses and fill bucket with water. First player to fill bucket, wins.
  • Elephant Race

    Line up 8 half-filled water bottles. Wrap stocking around player head with a tennis ball at the end of the stocking and without using hands must knock all water bottles down.

  • Beer Squat Challenge

    How many squats can you do in 1 minute while holding 3 ounces of beer on your head? A trainer will referee, making sure the player is squatting with proper form, deep enough and helping the player to keep track. The person who completes the most squats without spilling, wins!

  • Keg Haul Overlay

    Each player will be carrying a keg (holding onto each side) down 50 meters and back and must complete 10 full push-ups. The first person to come back and complete the push-ups wins!

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